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The Greatest Need Fund

Hope Network has great needs. That’s why the Greatest Need Fund exists – to direct funds toward specific areas where they can make an immediate impact.

One of the investments we made – thanks to the Greatest Need Fund – was the Solo-Step Fall Prevention Overhead Track System, an innovative piece of equipment used at Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation.

“The Solo-Step is everything we hoped for,” says Tonya Simon, Physical Therapy Supervisor. “It has allowed us to work on balance tasks that simply weren’t safe for patients before, so now we can really challenge people to work on progression of skills. Plus, the patients love it! Several are asking to use it during their sessions, even people who were apprehensive about coming to therapy previously.”

The Solo-Step is one of many investments we’ve made to help people overcome, made possible by the Greatest Need Fund. But we need more support to serve people in even greater ways.

Please consider donating to the Greatest Need Fund.