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Adult Crisis Residential Services

Crisis Residential Services are intended to provide a short-term alternative to inpatient psychiatric hospitalization for individuals experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis when clinically indicated.

Services are designed for a subset of individuals who meet psychiatric inpatient admission criteria or are at risk of admission, but who can be appropriately served in settings less intensive than a hospital.  

The goal of Crisis Residential Services is to facilitate reduction in the intensity of those factors that lead to crisis residential admission through the person-centered and recovery / resilience-oriented approach.

Services are designed to resolve the immediate crisis and improve the functioning level of the individuals served to allow them to return to a less intensive community living situation as soon as possible. Group and individual treatment are provided by a comprehensive treatment team, including peer support specialists, social workers, nurses, and psychiatrists.

Co-Occuring Crisis Residential

At our Co-Occurring Enhanced Crisis Residential Units, we provide services for people going through behavioral health crises. Providing this alternative to inpatient psychiatric treatment allows individuals to find stabilization, support, and connection to services they need – right in their own community. We know that people frequently experience behavioral health crises related to mental illnesses and substance use concurrently, and treatment should be designed to identify and treat both conditions simultaneously.

Short Term Residential Home

Program Overview

  • 24-hour staffing coverage
  • Recovery-oriented group curriculum
  • Medication administration
  • Dietary services
  • Withdrawal management services, if needed

Our Staff Includes

  • Certified Peer Support Specialists
  • Social Workers
  • Nurses (7 days/week)
  • Psychiatrist (7 days/week)

For Mental Health Emergencies contact your local mental health agency, visit the nearest ER, or call 911 if you are experiencing a crisis.

Co-Occuring Crisis Locations

Pivot Crisis

440 & 456 Baltimore NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503 616.454.4777

Bay Haven Crisis

799 Hombach St. Ignace, MI 49781 906.298.8000

Robert Brown Crisis

160 Manley St Holland, MI 49424 616.298.8190

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If you are interested in our Mental Health Crisis Residential Services, we can answer your questions.