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Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation

A team of experts in neurobehavioral rehabilitation, combined with a calming, therapeutic environment, provides an opportunity for optimal recovery.

Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation is a community-based rehabilitation and clinical program for those who experience uncharacteristic aggression, prolonged confusion, or an escalation of behavioral health issues following a brain injury.

Our Program

Our program is unique compared to more traditional post-hospital rehabilitation programs. With a focus on modifying challenging behaviors through specialized strategies and adaptations, you or your loved one can overcome difficult cognitive and behavioral challenges and continue the journey toward functional, real-world independence.

Those in the program benefit from the following services.

  • Individualized behavior plan development and ongoing monitoring
  • Psychiatric intervention in collaboration with psychology and nursing support
  • Comprehensive clinical services
  • Board-certified behavioral analysis
  • High staff to resident ratio
  • A low-stimulus environment
  • Nursing support in a low-stimulus, controlled environment
  • Coordinated care

Admission Profile

Those who qualify for Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation must fit the following criteria:

Diagnosed with a brain injury or other neurologic impairment


Diagnosed with a brain injury or other neurologic impairment


Medical care needs can be managed in a post-acute setting


Participant requires intensive behavioral training with reasonable expectation for improvement or benefit to the participant


The behavior has been determined to be unmanageable at a less-intensive level of care


The participant has the ability to be oriented to the environment with assistance from staff, has developed communication ability (verbal or non-verbal), and is able to participate in five minutes of consecutive structured activity and make reasonable effort to attend a minimum of 30 minutes of daily therapeutic activity, even if provided on a 1:1 basis


Provisions have been made for primary physician coverage of non-neuro-related health issues


Absence of severe unpredictable aggression, expected to require mechanical restraint not permitted by MI AFC licensing

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